LEED GOLD certificate

With NPM to LEED Gold Certification

“Office premises in Serbia are leaders in raising sustainability standards, as the initiatives come from the headquarters of multinational companies aware of the sustainability importance that have the budgets to invest in the sustainability of the building and certification”, said Novaston platform project manager Jelena Jolović at the BuildUp 2022 conference while presenting Novaston as a partner in developing of sustainable projects.

Reflecting on the challenges in architecture during the construction industry’s turbulent times, Jelena Jolović presented the reconstruction project of the former Novkabel factory hall in the industrial zone of Novi Sad. Novaston Project Management (NPM), as part of the Novaston platform, has been involved in this project from the very beginning. With the partners in this project, they were engaged in the implementation of design process, green certification and coordination of the construction process, following the guidelines of the future tenant.

- 11,000sqm, and approximately 16,500 m2 of gross area- about 12,000sqm green area, of about 35,000 sqm total- 4 internal gardens - atriums- Town Planning and Activity Base Workspace principles

„The building is in the process of obtaining the LEED Gold certificate. Together with partners from the company TGBG, Novaston provided design guidelines and started the certification process after the concept was set up. When the facility is officially operational, the systems will be tested and the collected documentation checked before the certificate is issued. The initiator of the certification was the tenant of the space – the company Schneider Electric, and it was challenging for Novaston to achieve such a high level of certification through the reconstruction process.“

Although it is more profitable for the investor to certify the building while the project is still on paper, then select targeted loans and formulate a budget, Novaston also has clients who decided to subsequently certify buildings that are already in use. We successfully achieved this by applying and adding new solutions and by creating extensive documentation. This way we successfully became a part of projects that change awareness and set new standards in the field of sustainability, concluded Jelena Jolović.