Two years of successful cooperation of NOVASTON and PULS Shopping Park in Pirot

Two years of cooperation: NOVASTON and PULS in Pirot

NOVASTON Company proudly marks two years of successful management of PULS Shopping Park, the first retail park in Pirot and the new entertainment center of the Pirot district.

This unique retail space, covering a total area of approximately 7,400 square meters, featuring 18 well-known global and domestic brands, has become an essential destination for shopping enthusiasts in Pirot district, where quality meets diversity.

“After a challenging period of opening the project in the midst of the pandemic and afterwards continuingwith the strong influence of the global economic crisis, PULS’s performance has surpassed expectations in all parameters. This significant domestic investment project, unique in the district, justifies the trust in the potential of the domestic market and the expectations of Pirot, recognized as a municipality in development with untapped potential. This project, led by domestic investors Agromarket from Kragujevac and Borjana from Pirot and managed by the company NOVASTON, represents a significant contribution to this region as a tourist destination, now offering visitors not only recognizable gastronomic pleasures but also entirely new standards of shopping and entertainment” emphasized Marija Urban, Director of Business Planning, responsible for the asset management of this retail park.

We are all part of the PULS family, where shopping becomes an experience and we eagerly await the growing plans for expanding the content of PULS Shopping Park.