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A unique real estate platform for real estate,
property and asset management

Property & Facility Management

•  Property Management
•  Facility Services
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It is all about the people. We listen, anticipate and identify the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.
Business Planning & Asset Management

•  Feasibility studies
•  Portfolio analysis and/or restructuring
•  Business Planning and Financial Analysis
•  Financial Operations and Controlling
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Great asset management professionals are usually the first to see what everyone else realizes in the end. That is exactly why our expertise and dedication ensure a full overview of new opportunities.
Leasing & Sales

•  Office
•  Retail
•  Industrial
•  Hospitality
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The Novaston commercial team - experienced professionals who have been among the initiators of the development of the real estate sector in Serbia for more than 20 years.

•  Appraisal of Property
•  Project Fund Monitoring
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If you’re a real estate property owner or buyer in need of appraisal, consulting, or architectural and construction engineering services, Novaston is there to provide you with an objective valuation.
Project & Development Management

•  Development Management
•  Project Management
•  Project Consultancy
•  Tenant Coordination
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Project management is both creative and operational. It starts with a vision and a blueprint of the desired results in our mind that we then manifest into the physical world.
Marketing & Communication

•  Brand Strategy
•  Events Organisation, BTL, ATL
•  Digital Marketing
•  External, Internal and Crisis Communication
•  Employer Branding, CSR
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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Alan Key

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