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Who We Are

Expertise and dedication

Great asset management professionals are usually the first to see what everyone else realizes in the end.

That is exactly why our expertise and dedication ensure a full overview of new opportunities.

We are Novaston’s sector that specializes in Business Development and Planning, Asset management & Financial Operations.

Our comprehensive service offerings bring numerous benefits at every step of the property life cycle, from feasibility studies, through initial takeover and a whole lifecycle, to exit.

Our proactive approach, dedication, and attention to detail enable us to drive maximum value from the properties we manage.

Business Development

We offer initial design stage services for real estate projects of any kind, whether for land or existing assets.

Through the following stages of specific detailed analysis, we help our client to determine the viability of an idea, ensuring that a project is legally and technically feasible and economically justifiable:

  • We conduct preliminary analyses and market surveys of land/existing asset
  • We provide valuable information for go/no-go decisions and narrow down business alternatives
  • Upon detailed analysis, we suggest greenfield or conversion proposals

We provide support in decision-making, which includes the following:

  • Financial and market analysis of portfolio investment
  • Real estate portfolio analysis and benchmarking with appropriate strategy development
  • Evaluating results against business plans and changing market conditions in order to enable timely key decisions
  • Advising and implementing activities that pertain to portfolio restructuring, repositioning strategy development, progress and performance monitoring, and exit strategies
  • Assistance in asset disposal, including land, business facilities, and equipment — identifying potential buyers, determining contract terms and conditions, and handling the approval process

We provide advice to both lenders and borrowers with a view to successfully resolving risky loans, which enables a sustainable capital structure and ongoing asset management.

We assist banks in disposing of non-performing loans and non-performing assets. Our range of services allows our clients to make well-informed decisions and choose the right strategy in any situation:

  • Due diligence checks
  • Analysis of different recovery strategies and tips
  • Value analysis
  • Coordination of the disposal process

Asset management

Our field of expertise is creating a custom-made business plans and strategies for the purposes of various industries and businesses, through deep analysis of financial potential and performance, offering the folliowing services:

  • Pre-launch project setup
  • Proposing and establishing organisational structuring
  • Establishing & implementing the operational business process and procedures
  • Defining standards for KPI measurement
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Financial controlling & reporting
  • Risk management
  • Financial consulting
  • Lease administration, tenancy rules & coordination of leases and tenants in compliance with lease provisions
  • Financial & Document management
  • Contract monitoring
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Collection services
  • Security instruments management
  • Tenant relations
  • Lease Agreements administration
  • Yearly reconcilliatoins

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Our Team

We take full responsibility across our integrated services, from getting the projects up and running through day-to-day management. Our proactive approach, dedication and attention to details enables us to realize the maximum value of properties under our management.

Marija Urban

Marija Urban
Director of Business Planning & Financial Operations Management Department

More than 20 years of experience within financial industry, especially Banking sector, Real estate Management and Financial operations management.

Process management and optimization, financial controlling, organizational development, project management, outsourcing/insourcing management, procurement, administration management, accounting.

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