We Are Novaston

A unique real estate platform for real estate, property and asset management.

Founded in 2013 with seven employees, we are constantly growing and developing and today our platform consists of the following companies: Novaston Asset Management, Novaston Project Management and Novaston Marketing Consultancy.

With almost 100 employees, we have built a name in the retail, business and logistics sectors, as well as in hotel management in Serbia and the region.

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We specialize in a wide range of services from project development support and property management services, business plans and case studies, setting up financial models and structure of financial operations, valuation, mediation in the sale and lease of real estate, to marketing.

We strive to be a reliable partner in providing sustainable, unique, long-term and strategic real estate management solutions.

In the past 10 years, we have built a portfolio that includes more than 40 strategic projects, totaling 500,000 square meters, which we manage for more than 15 international and domestic clients, including BIG CEE and NEPI Rockcastle, CPI, GTC, Ikea Serbia, Schneider Electric...

Our commitment to innovation in the real estate industry is reflected in the standards we set and our strategic and realistic thinking.

Ethics and integrity, enthusiasm, social responsibility and teamwork make our company a dynamic environment that encourages the development of new ideas, the advancement of employees and leads to success.

Our Team


The members of our team are professionals with extensive domestic and international experience, who have managed and maintained some of the most prominent projects in the Balkan region. They provide a distinctive blend of international best practices, know-how and in-depth understanding of the local market specifics in all these fields.

Mia Zečević

Mia Zečević

CEO of Novaston Group


Trained for center manager position and focused on property management for retail assets in ECE Project Management Gmbh. Former Head of Marketing, Sales and Commercialization of USCE SC, where she was responsible for all marketing and sales activities. Before ECE, she was a project manager for MK Mountain Resort (part of MK Group) where she managed and operated 48,000m2 of 4-star hotel chains in a ski resort Kopaonik. She also worked at the biggest Serbian brokerage company, M&V Investments, where she analyzed local and international stock exchange markets.

Igor Vojnović

Igor Vojnović

Partner and Novaston Project Management Director


An Architect with an extensive experience in operations, project and facility management.


Project and facility management, planning and budgeting.

Iskra Popović

Iskra Popović

Executive Marketing Director


Managing retail concepts form opening, repositioning, and overall brand communication for various shopping centers and retail parks.


Marketing in retail, brand strategy, integrated marketing.

Nikola Đogatović

Nikola Đogatović

Commercial Services Executive Manager


Development consulting, sale & leasing of retail, office, warehouse, and industrial space.


Lease and sales of commercial properties.


It's all about devotion to your goal

We are devoted to bringing innovations to the industry as we set new standards with the delivery of our services and improve property management principles that ensure reliability, quality and long-term sustainability.


Having a strategic and realistic view

It keeps us on track as we move forward. The idea of our brand is to be a committed partner in providing sustainable, unique, long-term and strategic asset/property management solutions to our clients and customers.


Our values help us to fulfill our purpose

They shape the way we work with each other, clients and the community. We strive to be a committed, result-oriented and dependable business partner for them, always respecting the principle of professionalism. Through ethics and integrity, social responsibility and teamwork, we create a dynamic company where various ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish. We feel that there is no better thing in the world than being successful at what you truly love. That’s why passion is one of our highest values. We are highly passionate in everything we do.

Our Story

Great brands tell their own stories, Here's ours

We are Novaston – an independent real estate, asset and property platform, founded in 2013, as a company with seven employees. We continued our journey, we developed, we grew, and today Novaston covers the following: asset and property management, project and facility management and marketing, PR and digital management, with more than 80 employees overall. Our core business is focused on four pillars: office, retail, logistics and hospitality. We are specialized in all these fields, not only in Serbia but wider.


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