It is all about the
We listen, anticipate and indentify the needs

Who We Are

It is all about the people

We listen, anticipate and indentify the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.

•  Professionalism

•  Communication

•  Organization

•  Technical competence

  • We coordinate with suppliers
  • We organise and motivate others
  • We listen to our customers and guests

We are dedicated to understanding others, their needs and expectations, making your needs understood and presenting your expectations as reasonable, feasible and mutually beneficial.

Property Management

We Offer

an integrated Property Manager services with an emphasis on the arrangement and administration of all services which are required for the proper operation and good estate management of the Property.

A good Property management is more than just a service. It is the most important strategic service that the Property Manager is offering to the Investor. We keep the occupant there and satisfied and the Property well maintained.

We ensure our Client a clear path to increasing his Return On Investment (ROI).

A good Property Manager is a truly passive investment.

•  Engaging Property Manager on site

•  Set-up and controlling of the implementation of House Rules

•  Unit inspections and tours for prospective tenants

•  Regular Property inspections

•  Managing contractors for home maintenance and tendering

•  Cost reduction strategies

•  Tenant relations and comunication on daily level

•  Sustainable utility consumption

•  Advisory services to the Client

•  Supervizing marketing activities

•  Planning, organizing and implementing ESG measures

Facility Services

We Are

a professional facility management company that sets the standards for preserving high value and improving the performance of properties.

As workspaces constantly evolve, one must adapt to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern era. In line with that, effective facility management, combining resources and activities, is vital to the success of any organization.

We continuously optimize ongoing facility management, preventive maintenance, and ensure responsible use of resources and energy.

  • Physical and technical security
  • Technical maintanance management
  • Professional hygiene maintanance
  • Green area manitenance
  • Energy and sustainability services
  • Disinfection, rodent control, and disinsection
  • Winter services

Our Results & Insight

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Looking for a professional, value-for-money facilities management solutions?

Than you are in a right place!

  • We set a good impression on visitors
  • We make a work efficient
  • We increase employee morale
  • We help save on costs

Our Team

Members of our team are professionals with wide expertize in technical, security and human relations fields, with strong conceptual skills. We are viewing the Asset as a whole, understand how the various parts are independent and assess how the Asset relates to its external environment. High responsiveness, continuous improvement of processes and structures and our personnel training and keeping up with fast tech development is what we are dedicated at most.

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