STOP SHOP retail parks

Novaston Marketing Consultancy (NMC) is a close associate of the Austrian company Immofinanz, which owns STOP SHOP retail parks throughout Europe. NMC is in charge of all marketing activities regarding their portfolio, which in Serbia currently includes parks in 9 cities - Cacak, Nis, Valjevo, Lazarevac, Pozarevac and Vrsac, and as from this year, after the change in ownership structures, retail parks in Subotica, Smederevo and Borca.

"The focus of our agency NMC was to implement a different marketing strategy comparing to those existing ones in other European countries where STOP SHOP operates, and accordingly to modify the campaign and marketing activities in our market. STOP SHOP retail parks Since our consumers, in addition to the location for quality and affordable shopping, want a place where they can spend quality time, the idea was for parks to become the centers for get-together. In order to achieve this, besides standard campaigns, we introduced additional activations, such as birthdays, festivities, sports summer season, as well as periodical shopping days and shopping weekends. We design all activations according to the requirements of the market in which the center is located, as well as the requirements of the target group. For each retail park we create special, customized content and adjust the communication according to the needs and wishes of consumers and tenants, while at the same time taking care of the brand itself. Precisely this sort of effort, approaching each project carefully and with a distinctive analysis and custom-made proposal, is what differentiate our company. Practice has shown that we have succeeded in doing so and future retail parks will be organized in accordance with this strategy. We plan to apply this concept in the region in the upcoming period", said Marina Niciforovic, a marketing manager account for STOP SHOP retail parks.