Think about your parents and grandparents

Think about your parents and grandparents

This is a particularly difficult time for people over 65, for our parents, grandparents, neighbours ... As their physical abilities diminish, the sense of impotence grows, various doubts arise – if they were good enough, whether there was something they should have done differently, if everything they did made sense... Often there are remorse, unfulfilled wishes and the dilemma of whether they are important and useful at the moment. They have already been through a lot. There are countless battles behind them. Plus, it's not the same whether they're 65 or 85, it's still hard. Now they need understanding, consolation and peace.

It is important to keep in mind that in the past they did the best they could, and that to them, it's more clear that their future is getting shorter day by day and that they are often burdened by the question of what would happen to us when they are gone. Just as we care for them, they care for us, their children, grandchildren. This concern further diminishes their ability to perceive rationally the situation, plus they are also pressured by powerlessness, movement restriction and/or physical weakness.

Think about your parents and grandparentsTo our parents, grandparents, neighbours… It is very important for them to feel that they are important and loved, respected and cared for. It is also important for them to feel that we are well and that what is happening now is not the only thing in the world. They need to joke and laugh with us, without being criticized for calling us more often than usual or because they may have advice and suggestions that we think we don't need, or that we already know. Regardless of any television or news, we are now more than ever before - their window into the world.

Ana Petrović, psychologist

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