Happiness is in being

Author: Ana Petrovic, psychologist

Happiness is in being

In the same package with the comforts of modern life, come several catches. One is placing the intellect on the pedestal of human virtues. Development is often identified with the acquisition of knowledge and information. In addition, feelings are considered less valuable and one is expected to choose, by the power of their will, how they will feel at a given moment. If we want to point out the way we feel as a reason for anything, then we have to back it up further with rational reasons.

What's the catch? Opinion and will are vital powers that a human being has, but they are not the ones that determine whether he or she will be happy.

Human’s supreme quality is consciousness. And our consciousness is not only in our heads but in our whole body. The same goes for the unconscious. The body is an essential carrier of all our experiences. It expresses both the present and the past, the history of the person (eg. body posture, movements or facial expression). This is especially easy to notice on some people. They have a striking posture or spasm on the face. And the language shows this connection - my legs are cut off (fear), my stomach rolls (disgust), I feel butterflies in my stomach (in love) ... So, a human being makes the unity of the material (body) and the intangible (psyche – thoughts, feelings, spirit…).

From this point of view, the human essence can first be connected with being. Being is the ability to experience one's wholeness, which involves naturally intertwined forms of intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This condition gives an experience of happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.

That is why it is very important that during the reign of Intellect, sufficient time is given to the skills, actions, and experiences that allow us to try out, feel this world and live.

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