Vlado Stevanović

The latest media research shows that people have been turning to the radio more often since the pandemic of coronavirus was declared. Worldwide, the radio is no longer being listened to only in the car, but also at home. Vlado Stevanovic, a presenter on S2 radio and regional official voice (station voice), tells us about the importance of spreading good energy through the ether:

"Coronavirus has taken over the world, so self-isolation has become the best prevention. At a time when the whole world is at home, this is also our obligation. When we spend more time inside the house than usual, I believe that with a radio program, everything is nicer and, I would say, much easier.

On television, you see disturbing images and footage of what is happening now around the globe that is battling the disease that the corona brings, while the radio "frees and protects" from it. Yes, we also have the latest news on the current situation on the radio waves, but we offer a lot more music while you read a good book, relax with coffee or tea, chat with friends online or just work from home.

This will pass, that's for sure. But until the day when we celebrate the victory over the coronavirus comes, let's stay home. May this time of isolation be a time when we return to ourselves, our family, when we empathize with our loved ones, but also to all those who are fighting "on the front line". May this also be a time from which, I firmly believe, we will emerge as even better people. #stayhome, listen to the radio“

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