Jelena Jolović, Dušan Radišić and Uroš Galović, team members of Novaston Project Management and Novaston Facility Management recently visited the famous Munich Fair of Architecture and Construction BAU. In the area of about 200,000m2, manufacturers in the field of architecture and building materials, materials and systems for commercial and residential purposes, for interior and exterior decoration in the field of new construction and existing facilities, have been presented. Practical innovations and interdisciplinary solutions for commercial and residential construction, renovation and modernization were presented. Fair visitors were able to see the latest achievements and solutions in the field of digitization in the construction industry.

"Four key subjects were emphasized at BAU 2019, the ones that dictate the pace and find the use in the modern construction industry: Digital: Processes + Architecture Connectivity: Living + Working Integrated: Systems + Smart Construction: Lighting + Building Technologies. Digital processes applied to the field of architecture were also in the focus and it was demonstrated how modern technology participates in the processes of designing and creating space and to what extent can the projected space be displayed and felt before the very beginning of the construction process",
said Jelena Jolović, NPM project manager.

The latest techniques, materials and applications that can be used in practice were presented.

NPM AND NFM TEAM VISITED BAU FAIR"We had the opportunity to experience the future of facilities as visitors and people from the practice and as such to contribute the improvement and expansion of knowledge in the field of the latest building technologies, and innovative materials applicable in the field of reconstruction and maintenance of existing facilities, which is certainly the field of operation of our company. In that sense, numerous lectures were held by the leading people in the field of design, and we had the opportunity to hear all the challenges that architects had encountered mostly while building the highest Shangai Tower (Benedict Tranel-Gensler-SF, USA)", explained Dušan Radišić, NPM project manager.

In addition to digitalization and possible energy savings, the well-known materials from practice had also found the inevitable place at the fair. Concrete, brick, ceramic and stone, but improved and with enhanced properties, and increased aesthetic value.

"As a company engaged in the maintenance of already built commercial facilities, it was useful to visit this fair both in terms of innovations in the maintenance and reconstruction of existing facilities, and also for some future projects we are aiming for, in terms of materials, systems and innovations in the market,"
Uroš Galović, NFM facility manager pointed out.