Jasmina Stojanovic

These days, when panic is spreading all around us due to numerous (dis)information, it is of the utmost importance to keep our inner peace and balance. Therefore, we have asked our associate and consultant, Jasmina Stojanovic, how to achieve this.

Numerous scientific studies show that, when multiple people within a group share the same experience of consciousness, effects can be detected outside that group and the space they are placed.

Jasmina Stojanovic“We are part of the ‘participatory universe’, as a scientist John Wheeler called it, and we, at the same time, exist and create it all the time, and it is our consciousness that creates the reality as we know it. The situations in which our individual decisions merge - become our collective reality. That is why it is important to expand the field of consciousness as well, besides the field of panic and fear that is persistently being build and spread these days. The heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in a human body, and it creates electrical field 40-60 times more powerful than the electrical field of the brain, and the magnetic field of the heart is 2000-5000 times stronger than the magnetic field of the brain. When measured by electrocardiogram, the heart field can be detected anywhere on the surface of the body, several meters outside the body, in all directions. The heart has its own mind, and an incredible potential for conscious manifestation and transmission of information to the others. It takes a little to harmonize the field around you. The formula for peace is known as Maharishi Effect, and it goes like this: the minimal number of people needed to reflect their experience of the inner peace on the outside world is a square root of one percent of the population. And that is the reason why each individual is important within the whole.

May your field of the heart that is stronger than mind, be filled with peace, so that it expands and touches those who have already brought chaos around us. They will not know what is happening, but if someone is a meter away from you, he or she will feel the change. Create the effect of concentric circles, known as the "ripple effect". May it start with you. With love and faith that your consciousness is your super power”, pointed out Jasmina Stojanović.

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