Leadership and COVID -19 Pandemic

Author: Marko Cvetkovic, Marketing director at A&P DOO – PEPSI SRBIJA

Marko Cvetković

All leaders eventually face the question “Am I good enough?” Does this ever happen to you? It’s important to realize and accept that it’s a perfectly valid question, because it’s the only way to prove ourselves that we have developed self-consciousness and agile approach to different situations. This will prove to be a crucial moment in newly developed situation in the entire world.

With the time, the way leaders develop themselves has been changing; they are adjusting to new circumstances, ways of business, certain researches are taken into consideration concerning the key factors of individual success of leaders, psychological profiles of new generations, etc.

On one hand we’re talking more often about authenticity, vulnerability and being present, but on the other, we do still talk about profit, results and success. Not an easy task for today’s leaders. This is a great opportunity for all of them to prove their leadership skills.

Definitely a hot topic nowadays when, as the mentors would say: "Challenges rather than problems are ahead of us". This is when the Renaissance Leadership takes the spotlight, aka ‘’What is Leonardo teaching us’’. Going deeper into the subject, I spoke to Mirjana Gomilanovic, PCC Executive Leadership Coach, in order to present best the Renaissance Leadership during the crisis.

Some leaders, when systematic/strategic changes happen, start doubting their abilities, experience and position within the company. Whenever the self-esteem declines, it’s good to regain the faith in yourself, your potentials and focus on finding personal strengths and creating solutions instead of feeding the old beliefs, which are not of a great help. People always notice the change in their leader. Now is the time, more than ever, to show the ‘’human side of the company’’ one leader is running. This is an ideal opportunity to get familiar with 7 Da Vinci’s principles, the Renaissance Leadership is based on:

• Curiosity
• experience over theory
• continuous enrichment of the senses
• accepting the unknown
• balance between the science and art
• mind-emotions-body balance
• systematic approach

All the above mentioned principles should be well-combined because the world seeks the new approach, and the current crisis is teaching us that now is the time more than ever to dedicate ourselves more to people, and to show them the lead. As the saying goes: "There is no point to turn over the page if the writing is the same".

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