Sandra Pekić

Sandra Pekić, our PR manager, is also the author of three novels "From the shadow", "The altar of the homeland" and "The man with the doorknob".

According to Sandra, the life of each of us is unique, as is the way we experience the world - all that we find beautiful, but also what we would prefer to forget, like this time of the coronavirus. We are all "stories for ourselves" and therefore there is no man who cannot write at least one novel.

"A state of emergency that forces us to spend most of our time in our homes protecting ourselves and others is a good time to think about our lives, meaning of all... So, the opportunity come us, to spend time with empty piece of paper or computer screen. Write, psychologists say. Write, say the writers also. None of you expect a bestseller that would change the world or bring you literary fame. At least not right away … Write to yourself, to those you love or send a message to the whole planet. Post what you write on social media, share with friends, read to those who are special to you. Or keep it for your eyes only, if it pleases you. Some will also discover a talent they will continue to develop after the pandemic... until the book is published."

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