How the "corona situation" changed us, Part II


We asked our employees how they spend their days in “isolation”. What, in their opinion, will change the situation with the corona virus, and what will personally change something when all this is over.

Nenad Krstić, Head of facility, Novaston Facility Manager: As for the pandemic's consequences, I expect we will see them in the economy. I think these consequences will be felt months after the crisis has passed. Furthermore, people will certainly continue to be fearful of similar scenarios, given that now we have proof that civilized society is very threatened and vulnerable in crisis situations. The positive consequences will hopefully include increased investment in healthcare and its improvement so that we can be more prepared when a similar situation comes along next time. Now it is clear how important equipped and functional healthcare facilities are - mainly in terms of infrastructure and equipment as well as in terms of healthcare professionals' training and satisfaction, since it has all come down to their perseverance, ability, and endurance. Personally, I don’t think I’m going to change much. One of the few positives in this situation is that I am now spending more time with my family, especially with my child, because somehow there is not enough time in everyday functioning for them. That is why I would like to make myself a promise that I will do my best to pay more attention to my daughter and make time for her in my schedule even after the state of emergency ends.

Aleksandar Ranisavljevic, Property Manager, Novaston Facility Management: Since the beginning of this crisis, I have been constantly in the field, visiting the STOP SHOP retail park in Valjevo, whose operations I run, I am in contact with tenants, of course with all security measures taken. When I am not working, I spend time with my family using all the means to fill the day as much as possible, “an idle brain is the devil’s workshop”. Lots of talking, playing games, working out, reading, watching movies and video-call coffee hangouts with friends. I think that this crisis will have negative aspects on the economy, we will see how everything will go after this state of emergency is over. Personally, I have gone through far worse things, but I would quote Patriarch Pavle: “Everything will come to an end, but the soul and the honour are what will remain forever.” And yes, I’ll go more fishing to make up for what I’ve missed.

Igor Belacevic, Property Manager, Novaston Facility Management: When I am in the Stop Shop retail park in Lazarevac, whose operations I run, I try to have as few contacts as possible while at home my regular errands in the village farm are waiting for me as well as some part-time substitute teacher for my two daughters. In the evening with my wife I watch some series/movies (we watched three seasons of “Narcos”, tomorrow we’re starting the fourth season), we respect “isolation” to the maximum. I think this situation showed what we could do without while we were hurrying to achieve all that was expected of us, that we were slaves to unnecessary needs, that we gained more than we needed, and that we were often, for no reason, unhappy, and as a result, many will re-organise their lives. Yet, it’s possible we’ll quickly forget everything and move on. Personally, I will delete some “friends” from social networks.

Goran Kuzmanovic, Property Manager, Novaston Facility Management: Time at bad times. If someone had said before, I give you more time to spend with your family, to be able to work more around the house, to relax, to avoid people you do not know, to use the car less, to have more time for yourself… who would not be thrilled. Here we have it now. Well it’s springtime, everything is waking up! How can we not enjoy all this? “I have my own little world and the Chinese wall around it.”

NovastonMilan Milosev, Property Manager, Novaston Facility Management: At work, we try to avoid contacts as much as possible, but it is also inevitable that we have to take care of our employees at outlets, prevent the spread of misinformation and influence the prevention of panic. In the house we do all the things for which we had no time in years, the cabinets are sorted out, the windows are being washed, in one word a general house cleaning. Series, movies and, of course, cartoons are being watched. As for the games, the first are Rummy and Activity which we have raised to a higher level since we play in teams with our godparents via Skype (one board is with them, the other is with us and we play against children). Walking, haircutting and pet care goes without saying, they are an integral part of our family and are deserving of our attention. When this is over, I sincerely hope that people will finally realise that the well-being of the community is greater than the well-being of the individual. I hope people will turn more to helping each other. I will do my best to reallocate time and spend more time with family and friends. This time has shown that if necessary, we can give up many things without any problems and be rational in organising our errands and our free time. I will work on further personal development and make additional efforts to transfer some new knowledge to my children and guide them on the right path.

Vladan Milenkovic, Property Manager, Novaston Facility Management: Mostly when I’m not in the field, I arrange a house, a yard, I enjoy watching movies with my family, playing various board games. I think I’m going to master monopoly soon. When all of this is over, I hope people will turn to a healthier lifestyle. I’m going to try to slow down my life a little, chase less, and enjoy a little more.

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