How the "corona situation" changed us, Part I


We asked our employees how they spend their days in “isolation”. What, in their opinion, will change the situation with the corona virus, and what will personally change something when all this is over.

Mia Zecevic, General Manager, Novaston Platform: Novaston works continuously – from home or in the field – with constant communication with domestic and foreign clients and partners. We are preparing for the post-pandemic period and that is why I am following up on developments that are affecting our industry. Still, we need to stop now, re-think who we are and what makes us satisfied. Working on yourself involves educating and improving business skills, as well as getting to know your personality, your strengths, and then reorganising your life priorities. Investing in yourself always pays off, and this is the right time to do it. I also realised that it was not necessary to be available 24/7 to everyone, to control everything, to be in constant stress. It is perfectly okay to leave something for tomorrow, and even say “this does not have to be done” for something. When all this is over, I will see my family, parents and friends. And, of course, my team, I will continue to work on a new strategy and expansion of Novaston platform services.

Iskra Popovic, Marketing Director: This whole situation will definitely change the way I do business, hopefully positively. Marketing is something that must not and cannot be stopped. The right projects always find their way to the end user, and now adequate campaigns may be more needed than in normal circumstances. First and foremost, when it comes to corporate social responsibility. We had the opportunity to see big brands like McDonalds change their logos, to highlight the importance of social distancing. Personally, I spend these days working, with children, with online classes. This is something completely new and has changed my attitude towards teaching, teachers and generally our education system.

Aleksandra Kozul, Director of Corporate Communications: I read, write (mostly business emails), meditate, try to exercise. I’ve already been in a similar situation during pregnancy, when I lay for months, so “isolation” and work from home are nothing new to me. I just hope that all this will change us for the better, at least some individuals, and that together we will come out stronger and better, if not wiser. In harmony with oneself, nature and environment. So just be gentle on yourself and others. Not just now, but always.

Milos Markovic, Marketing Manager, Novaston Marketing Consultancy: As time goes by, I find isolation more and more difficult to handle. Aside from work related to my job, i.e., designing new projects with the team, I try to get used to this situation and not think much about what I did before this quarantine. I watch movies I haven't watched before, I play online games and surf the internet searching for interesting topics, and I also sort out some things in the apartment. I hope this situation will change people’s attitude about health first and foremost, as well as about work, freedom, friends... of course in a positive way. And I will certainly change my view on freedom.

NovastonTijana Krsmanović, Marketing Manager, Novaston Marketing Consultancy: I am spending my isolation time isolated from everyone but from work. Like everyone else, our clients are very much affected by the situation, so everything is now digital, according to what is currently available. Creating content that will keep consumers’ attention, be interesting, develop online shopping options. Currently, no opening hours are available, working in the morning until dark, and on weekends. However, this situation has its positive sides as well. I think we will appreciate some little things much more in the future. For example, I will never say that I don’t feel like going out for a drink, to see my friends.

Marina Niciforovic, Marketing Manager, Novaston Marketing Consultancy: I hope this situation will have a psychologically positive effect on people to understand how vulnerable we are and how much we need to change priorities. Personally, I will focus more on myself and work on myself, both in my private life as well as business-wise. I will go to yoga regularly, read good books, watch good movies.

Nina Radakovic, Marketing Assistant: This is a unique opportunity to use the days in isolation to slow down and restart in all fields, it is a global warning. Most of all I miss hanging out with friends over coffee outside, which these days we have switched to online coffee hangouts from home. I hope that all of this will have a lasting impact on us all, to remain socially responsible after all this.

Dragan Jokanovic, Marketing Coordinator, Novaston Marketing Consultancy: Every day spent in isolation teaches us how little we need for a decent life. Even though I don't think the situation justifies harsh measures that we have, it seems to me that this isolation will affect us all to start respecting little things like daily walks, family gatherings, going to the theatre, and everything else we're forbidden to do right now.

Jelena Jolovic, Project Manager, Novaston Project Management: I have to admit that for the time being, I feel good in “isolation”. The situation required me to completely change my daily environment and adapt to the new space and circumstances. It moved me to nature from a noisy city, and it took some time for me to get used to it. I think this whole situation is a serious reminder to the small man and his negligent attitude towards the big planet Earth. We were given the opportunity to pause and take a break from the “superficial” everyday life, to reconsider our priorities, goals and wishes. For both individuals and companies, the changes that are coming are inevitable, and we are yet to see what lessons we will learn from everything. Until then, I will be using my spare time cooking, restoring old wooden furniture, reading. Work on yourself, that’s all you can and need right now.

Dusan Radisic, Project Manager, Novaston Project Management: We are taking advantage of the digital age, so I try to spend my working time in isolation as normal as possible. I think it is very important to maintain the “rhythm” of work, both for ourselves and for business partners, in order to return to some normal business as soon as we get out of the crisis. I believe that serious firms will draw lessons from this situation, seeing how business has proven vulnerable to the global crisis. For isolation, I have an ideal hobby – modelling – so I build and paint helicopters and planes in my spare time. To be honest, I’m slowly getting out of stock, but I rely on online shopping and couriers.

Stefan Jovanovic, Junior Project Manager, Novaston Project Management: My hobbies are stock exchange, market and a bit of marketing, and now in times of the state of emergency, I can pay more attention to them. Stock exchanges are more turbulent than before and in this situation 90% of people are in the red, and less than 2% are phenomenally earning. The market is stagnant for the time being and there are no major declines; what is more, in some cases we record a growth, but generally the response always comes with a delay. Demand for marketing and programming is growing progressively and is expected to continue to grow after COVID-19. On the internet, you can find free courses in various fields. I will opt for the ones where I am the weakest, which is programming. Try to come out more valuable after this situation than you were before.

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