Novaston Project Management in charge of tenant coordination in the future IKEA Retail Park

NMC becomes the member of 'The Friends of UNICEF' Club

The retail park of the biggest furniture producer, IKEA, will be opened near IKEA store, by the highway at Bubanj Potok. Tenants will be comprised of more than 40 famous brands, and for their coordination, Novaston Project Management, which will cooperate very closely with the investors and tenants on all phases of the projects for each tenant’s store, will be in charge.

Dušan Radišić“Novaston Project Management has expanded its range of services due to the development and construction of Ikea Retail Park, which will be built in the close proximity of IKEA department store in Belgrade. Besides managing the development of the concept of the Retail Park, from now on we will also be in charge of the coordination of the tenants (Tenant Coordination). This includes a complex process of mediating between tenants on one side, and investors, management, engineers and contractors on the other. NPM will have a delicate task to reconcile the technical requirements of over 40 tenants, their engineers and contractors, with the requirements and procedures of other participants in this project. The Tenant Coordination process is done so that the project meets the deadline and fulfill the expected high-quality standards set by the investor”, said Dusan Radisic, project manager.

Besides NPM, Novaston Marketing Consultancy and Novaston Asset Management, both belonging to Novaston platform, are also hired for the opening of the new retail park.

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