Mia Zečević - the best business women in XXI

Mia Zečević - the best business women in XXI

Novaston`s CEO Mia Zečević has been awarded for the best business women in real estate, asset and property fields, during the one of the most important and eminent manifestation “Najžena XXI”.

"I am honored, particularly because I am among the youngest entrepreneurs who have received this awards. During the selection process, there had been so many experienced and great ladies who were much longer in business than I. But I was chosen and now the great job is in front of me to justify the trust that I have received. This award will be a strong stimulus for my further work, to be even better and more successful, but also to be an example for other women entrepreneurs, to progress in every business they are dealing with", said Mia Zečević.

The goal of this manifestation is to promote and affirm women entrepreneurs, who makes a major contribution to the economic, social and political progress of Serbia and the region.

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