Meditation and prayer in the time of corona

Meditacija i molitva u doba korone

Corona virus, probably the term you hear most often these days. You can feel worry, fear, discomfort, panic in the air... In the situations like this, we often completely unknowingly turn to a higher being, pray or meditate. We spoke with Bojana Andrić, from Maya Holistic Academy, regarding the importance of meditation.

"When you open the window these days, it is as if a scent of anxiety which brings you goosebumps comes through it. Momentarily, every cell in your body pulses, your heart starts beating and you close the window immediately. You turn on the TV and you have an avalanche of negative information. Your heart is still pounding, and you feel your breath is getting shorter and shorter.
Do we really need to let this condition that can permanently damage our health overwhelms us? We ask ourselves hour after hour, but nothing changes, it is the same every time. You would go for a walk, but you can't, it's forbidden. You would have coffee with your friends, but we are all in isolation.

Kako preživeti koronu i ostati normalan?Try sitting down with yourself. Be in complete peace, silence. If the silence bothers you in the beginning, play some light music. Try to meditate.

Close your eyes and breathe slowly. Take a long breath through your nose slowly, and exhale through your nose more gently. Try to keep the exhalation twice as long as the inhalation. You can already feel your heart beats more steadily. You no longer feel the chest pain. Peace, quietness. You can only hear your breath and you are completely focused on it. Meditate.

After twenty minutes, touch your body. Do you feel different? Meditation helps us get rid of fear, panic, anxiety, and other pathological conditions that impair our health in the time of isolation and coronavirus. By meditating we can overcome all negative thoughts and let them come out through the same window of our flat that they entered. Open the window again. We believe you can now smell blossomed treas and hyacinths next to your building. You can also hear birds singing cheerfully, not knowing what a coronavirus is.

Let's go back to our flat, and stay home. Let's meditate every day, ideally twice a day, thus preserving our mental health. Because our health is really the most important! More about transcendental meditation you can read on our website

Meditacija i molitva u doba koronePRAYER: In times of crisis or distress, or for the joy and realization of their desires, people have always turned to prayer or meditation. Whatever religion it belongs to, prayer is essentially the same. It is the elevation of the mind and heart to God, the universe, any power that an individual trusts and addresses. "By it, a man flies into choirs of angels and becomes a participant of their bliss. Prayer is incense pleasing to God, the safest bridge for crossing the temptation of the waves of life, the unbreakable rock of all believers, the peaceful dock, the divine garment, which dresses the soul with great goodness and beauty. Prayer is the mother of all good deeds, the guardian of purity of the flesh, the seal of virginity, the safe fence against all the cunning of our eternal enemy - the devil. Chase the enemies by the name of Christ, because there is no greater power than this medium neither in heaven, nor on earth. Prayer is the enlightenment of the mind, the ax to despair, the breaking of sorrow, the birth of hope, the alleviation of anger, the counsel of all who are on trial, the joy of those in prison, the salvation of those who perish,” said Patriarch Pavle.

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