Who drives change in society?

Danijela Jovicic

Who are the people driving change in society? Who do we call leaders? Who do we trust and follow? Which leaders, through their businesses, are creating trends in the community, including the world? Why they are important and why it is important to support them, especially in times of crisis, stagnation, and negativity?

Novak Djokovic Foundation dedicated a part of its program to the forming of "original" leaders. For the first time in Serbia, social entrepreneurs have the opportunity to participate in an intensive professional support program called "Original Leaders". Through lectures and workshops, they will be able to strengthen their own capacities, further develop their businesses, work on creating and implementing adequate development plans, and thus influence changes in society. We discussed this program with Danijela Jovicic, creator of the program in Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Why did the Original platform decide to launch its first program?
The Original platform, founded by the Novak Djokovic Foundation, aims to create opportunities for empowering the local community and helping individuals to thrive through entrepreneurial programs. The platform consists of a monthly magazine, an online hub, events & conferences, podcast and the program Original Leaders. We are constantly listening to our community and its needs, which is why we launched the Original Leaders program for social entrepreneurs, drivers of change in society.

Who are the social entrepreneurs targeted by the program?
Social entrepreneurs are those individuals who, through their entrepreneurial ideas, want to solve social problems so that the community in whole could thrive. Their missions are diverse - volunteerism, environmental protection, employment of underprivileged groups, preservation of cultural heritage… all with a common goal — that we all have an equal chance of success in life.

Can you tell us more about the program itself?
We have decided to take a very innovative approach to the process of conceptualizing the program. The program, which lasts for 4 months, is not determined in advance, but precisely tailored to the needs of each chosen participant, because we are deeply committed to fostering authenticity. We provide support through lectures and workshops from top business professionals to help them grow their businesses through group and mentor work, as well as through individual sessions with business coaches to empower them in the field of personal development.

Where can we track the Leader's progress?
You can read about our Leaders every month in our magazine and we plan to continue our collaboration beyond the program, so you will definitely hear more about our noble participants.

What are your future plans?
This crisis has shown us best how cruel capitalism in these times does not have the importance we give it through senseless consumerism and how important it is to support a solidarity economy and businesses that put people, us, the community before (and not behind) their products and services. This is the time for the community not for an individual, so we would like to open this program to the region as well.

Social responsibility is a major hallmark of the Foundation
Magazin The Original magazine of the Novak Djokovic Foundation was posted in the PDF version on its website in May and is available to everyone for free. "We wanted to make the Original available to absolutely everyone, so that they don't have to think about whether they will be able to go to the store to get it, and especially to be able to save on additional costs at this time of emergency." The new issue on the site is full of topics that are very practical and useful, such as: what kind of work can be done from home, how to maintain productivity despite challenges and circumstances, how to be successful in the home environment. Also, for the second time, we are supporting small local entrepreneurs by presenting their businesses and emergency delivery options and we are offering small business survival tips in our region, ”said Jasmina Stojanovic, Project and Editorial Manager at Original Magazine.

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