By: Lidija Maričić Savusalo, General Manager of Finesa Publishing House

Lidija Maricic

I suppose there are two conflicting feelings in you – the desire to use the time in self-isolation to the best of your ability, for your personal progress, and all that you have delayed due to the lack of time. Another feeling is the overwhelmingness of information, which makes you scared and anxious and does not allow you to relax and devote youself to everything you want and long for.

For both feelings, the solution is – THE BOOK!

The book has a healing effect on all the conditions you are going through during these days of uncertainty. I guarantee that you will find at least one piece of information that will touch you and get you going, which will bring new questions and encouragement.

As our moods change rapidly and are often influenced by news from the “outside world”, I suggest that you have 2 or 3 selected books that you can change and read at the same time, according to your moods.

Reading is also an exercise skill, a training that you can give yourself on a daily basis because books are – healing.

Here are 5 books that will awaken your desire for personal and professional development right away:

1. Everything Is Figureoutable
The author Marie Forleo is an absolute inspiration. Her videos, blogs, books are being read by millions around the world and people utter the Everything Is Figureoutable motto that Marie put on the throne that she herself set.
The way her motto influences your decisions and positive focus is really fascinating. Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation, she’s the star of the award-winning show MarieTV, with over 52 million views and the podcast named “The Marie Forleo Podcast”, with nearly 12 million downloads speak in favour of the nickname and the title she holds.

2. Self-Discipline
Self-discipline is a skill we all want, right? But how is it acquired, are we born with it or can we develop it? Let’s imagine that self-discipline is practiced and easy to follow through the seven-day process. Yes, that’s right! Allow yourself to change your habits and start doing whatever you’ve been putting off, delaying or avoiding.

3. Psycho-Cybernetics
With over 30 million copies sold since its original publication in 1960, the book “Psycho-Cybernetics” (The Habit of Happiness – Psycho-Cybernetics) is used by athletes, entrepreneurs, students and more to achieve goals that will change their life fundamentally. A book that has been read, cited and applied for over 60 years!
Whether your goal is weight loss, graduation, starting a startup company, mental stability, or changing your self-image, with the methods of Dr. Maxwell Moltz, you will find that your goals are not only unattainable but very easy to achieve.

4. How to Get to Great Ideas
Have you ever faced a creative blockade? Did you wish you had better ideas? Are you dissatisfied with the amount of creative innovation in your company or business that you run? Do you have the impression that you are constantly hearing the same predictable ideas from your colleagues? And have you ever breathed fresh air, caught daylight, and eaten something in the middle of a work day?
Dave Birss, a long-time creative director of some of the UK's largest and best marketing agencies, directs you on how to solve a problem, how to stimulate your thinking, how to sell an idea, how to build support for it, and how to inspire others to great ideas. He proves that any organisation and any individual or department within an organisation can create a fruitful environment for interesting ideas.

5. Atomic HabitsHave you ever heard of a book that has been translated into 44 languages within a year of its publication? Atomic Habits is precisely the book that James Clear masterfully wrote, exposing to the simple factors the science of our habits. As he claims, small changes – huge results. Every piece of advice is applicable to absolutely every aspect of life. Let Clear take you to his Habits Academy.

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