Upon the entry into the State of Emergency, at the initiative of the Prime Minister's Office, the Innovation Fund provided support of 53 million RSD to 12 companies that offered the most relevant innovative solutions to counteract the effects of the pandemic in Serbia.

It is planned to develop and make available in the coming days solutions such as the first Serbian respirator, a new type of protective mask with removable HEPA filter for multiple and long-term uses, disinfection booths intended for use in public places and locations of interest, a mobile desk for contactless temperature measurement and manual disinfection, portable ozonizers for fast and safe disinfection of critical objects...

According to an independent panel of experts, these solutions can provide the most relevant, fastest and strategically important answer to specific pandemic problems.

“In the short term, close to 300 project proposals have arrived, which shows the high potential of our innovative businesses. They have made available ideas, solutions, and resources to counteract the effects of the pandemic, demonstrating a willingness to respond quickly and effectively in critical situations, "said Vladimir Vojvodic, Program Manager of the Innovation Fund.

The amount of support per project is up to 6 million dinars, and it is expected that their implementation and implementation will be available in the next four weeks, depending on their complexity.

Vladimir VojvodićAll these innovative projects are already underway, and in his words, the Fund has implemented a public call within record time and provided support to companies that have already developed prototypes, products, services, and technologies, which can be mass-produced and available for short-term implementation. the time period.

"Each of the 12 projects has a unique role to play in the fight against the pandemic and they function as a whole in the form of protection and prevention," said Vojvodic.

He expressed the hope that we would first have protective masks with a replaceable HEPA filter for multiple and long-term uses, as they have a prototype built and production secured in Indjija. On the other hand, he says the respirator is the most complex and is a strategically important project.

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