Igor Vojnović

"What will definitely mark the period ahead of us is a continued revolution in the application of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, in management techniques, followed by the digitization of services and personalization of office space," said Igor Vojnović, CEO of Novaston Facility Management, part of the Novaston platform.

“To increase the competitiveness of facilities, facility managers will be required to go beyond mere maintenance of 'physical' infrastructure and to increasingly focus on innovation and upgrading facilities according to the principles of sustainability and green building. In 2020, the personalization process will continue to be at the forefront, especially when it comes to business premises. Customers in this segment, as well as employees, are increasingly expecting FM and other service providers to provide personalized services that increase their value and place them in the "spotlight".

In the forthcoming period, increasing attention and importance will be given to the so-called Wellness programs, where employees can practice yoga, meditation, and other physical activities during work hours and in the workplace, to reduce the negative effects of sitting during long hours.

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