PEPCO in Serbia, cooperation with NPM

PEPCO, the largest non-food retail chain in Europe, opened its first two stores in Belgrade – one in the Stadion shopping Centre and one in the BIG Shopping Centre in Rakovica. The chain currently has over 2,000 stores in Europe and offer customers numerous shopping opportunities at affordable prices.

Novaston Project Management (NPM) is one of the three general contractors in charge of equipping the premises of this retail chain with the fastest growth rate. Novaston Project Management was established in 2016 within Novaston real estate retail platform in order to provide integrated project management strategy for the clients. Our NPM team continue to cooperate with this brand, because PEPCO plans to open 30 stores in the first years of its operations in Serbia.

PEPCO was established in 2004 in Poland and today has over 2000 stores in the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy. Their stores has over 19 million customers every month.