Novaston, Schneider Electric, and Novkabel team up to create a modern business and logistics center in Novi Sad

A new oasis for IT professionals is rising across 14.000 m2


Novaston has entered an exclusive partnership with Schneider Electric and Novkabel to create Novi Sad’s newest business and logistics center, and the first project will involve the reconstruction of Novkabel’s old industrial hall into a high-tech facility spread across 14.000 m2, set to open in 2022.

Novaston CEO Mia Zečević pointed out that the project represents one of the company’s key steps towards achieving its strategic goal of positioning itself on the national and regional office space and logistics markets.

“This is a very important project for Novaston, which is involved throughout the process — from finding a fitting location and connecting investors and clients (tenants) to designing and implementing the strictest environmental and energy requirements. The potential of bringing new IT professionals and young engineers was recognized by Schneider Electric, a global company that showed interest in the location and decided to move its Development Center into the first hall of the complex. This is particularly significant taking into account that the facility will be among Serbia’s most advanced, using renewable sources to supply energy,” said Mia Zečević.

Novaston is the strategic coordinator of the entire development process of the modern business and logistics center and plays a consulting role related to the project design, management, and promotion. The reconstructed building of the former Užare hall will have modern architectural solutions, such as a gallery, a double glass facade, and a winter garden, and it will use the most advanced systems from Schneider Electric’s range centered around electric power. In addition, a modern Data Center will be built according to the strictest security standards, because Novi Sad is where ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management Software) — an advanced software for managing electric power networks around the world. At the same time, in order for this reconstruction to be in line with this segment of Novi Sad’s historical and economic identity, the old park within the complex will be kept and overhauled with new trees and planting.

Optical cable manufacturer Novkabel has been one of the city’s economic landmarks for close to a hundred years and a forerunner of sorts in the IT industry. The reconstruction of the former Užare hall will kick off the revival of the complex that will bring other companies to the future business and logistics center.