Nikola Đogatović: We successfully match the demands of clients and the real estate market offers

The increase in demand in all real estate sectors also marked the previous year in Serbia, and the biggest development is happening in the office sector. “Novaston Leasing Management, as part of the Novaston platform, offers modern office space, as well as logistics facilities in attractive locations,” says Nikola Đogatović, Commercial Services Executive Manager in the Novaston Leasing team.

  • More than 236,000 square meters of new office space in the past two years
  • The demand for business space is focused on Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, and Kragujevac.

“In the future, the intention is to effectively „bring“ the office space offer to companies and align with their needs, regardless of whether it is a hybrid working, the need for expansion or, in some cases, for the reduction of space in the headquarters in accordance with the expansion of operations and the opening offices in major cities of Serbia. Last year, we successfully responded to our client’s requests and participated in the opening of regional centers in cities such as Niš, Novi Sad, and Kragujevac. Also, we have a comprehensive database of clients/property owners in the Logistic & Industrial sector, so we can respond to requests throughout Serbia in the most effective way and during the “build to suit” process,” says Nikola Đogatović.


The extensive experience of the expert team of the Novaston platform will be partly incorporated into a guide for investing in real estate.

“Our company is recognized in the real estate management market, and that’s why we decided to create ’The Real estate development Guide – case study: office space’ in partnership with the Gecić Law office,e for domestic and foreign companies that want to invest in this sector. We will present the whole process transparently and precisely through the stages: from decision-making, investment, construction, licensing, and contracts, to the exploitation of the built office space through sales and property management.“

Novaston platform is recognizable by its experience in the retail space sector, which, as Nikola Đogatović says, is most affected by the impact of inflation. Despite the negative impacts, the performance of retailers has a positive trend, especially for retail parks. Investors remain focused on the construction of retail parks in so-called secondary cities, which has led to the strengthening of local structures through new investments.

  • Rental prices increased from 9% to 15% last year
  • Maintenance costs, especially energy costs, are higher by at least 5%

“We successfully manage a large number of retail facilities (16) across the country, but we are also in the process of developing new projects with excellent responses from tenants. Long high-level cooperation with both international and domestic brands (sport, fashion, kids, home decor, etc.) allows us to set high standards for the tenant mix in each retail park. A wide range of different brands brings enjoyable shopping and enables flexible and long-term operations of retail centers under all circumstances”, said Nikola.