Does new circumstances require a new way of thinking?

Author: Elena Srzentic Frleta, Master of Sociology & Transformation Teacher
Author of training and mentoring program for personal and professional growth and development - Brand New You

Elena Srzentic Frleta

Every crisis, global or personal, means only one thing - old methods no longer work, do not provide good results. That is a good time to rethink, to change perspective, to acquire new skills, to start all over again.

Today, the world is divided into those who are waiting for everything to pass and to return to the "how it used to be" and to those who are converting the newly acquired time into new possibilities. The difference is only in a mental frame and mindset.

Instead of asking ourselves what to do, the proper question is who should we be in order to survive and prosper in times of crisis?

Today, we have the choice to live in fear, waiting for everything to pass and for others to tell us how to live and how much we are worth. Or, should we take a "break" to think carefully about where we are now, and where we want and believe we can be? The only thing that differentiates us as humans from all other beings on the planet, is the very possibility of conscious choice. And it is our choices that define who we are today and who we will be tomorrow. Choosing who to listen to, what to believe in, what to eat daily, both at the physical and energy levels.

When the world went quiet, it was a good time to hear ourselves better:

  • - Do I know what I really want?
  • - Does the life I live today lead me in that direction?
  • - Am I getting closer to that desired version of myself?

If the answers to these 3 key questions are not affirmative, then it's really time to change something. In order to go in the right direction, we must clearly know what we want! What makes us happy and different from the rest? What does our ideal day look like? What do we do during our ideal day? Who's next to us? What can you start doing today that is a part of that ideal day?

We need to have a vision, not only for the projects we lead but above all for ourselves and our personal and professional growth.
So plan. Planning is key to achieving and implementing the goals. When you make a plan - this is the right time to be realistic, to rationally evaluate your options. And to do at least one little thing every day that brings you closer to your goal.

Stay focused. When we focus on something, that something is growing. If we compare thoughts with flowers, and we could, then we must nourish and water our thoughts, but only those that benefit us. We must remove negative thoughts as if it is a weed in our garden of the mind. Then gradually our life outside will start to look like a garden in our mind.

Be disciplined and persistent. The only thing that distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful people is discipline and perseverance. Those who succeeded did not always have better luck or someone to push them but repeatedly knocked on doors and when one of them closed, they knocked on other ones.

When they tell you something is impossible, don't believe it! It's just someone's opinion, not a factual situation.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and that first step is a decision. Whatever you dream of, start achieving it today! Our dreams are our inner navigation, which tells us what we are really capable of. Why do you think you have that dream? Because you have the potential to fulfill it. To be leaders in your life. To live a life, not another way around.

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