We are not giving up on projects through which we are transforming the real estate market

Mia Zecevic

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on all industries and the real estate market is not an exception. In the year which was supposed to break all records when it comes to the construction of apartments, business and logistics centers in the entire region, the companies faced an unexpected crisis and were forced to adapt their operations to the “new reality”. Mia Zecevic, our CEO talk about how our company responded to this global challenge and how the coronavirus crisis influenced the real estate market in Serbia, which sectors are the most jeopardized, but also which fields have the biggest potential for development, for E-kapija. More about: www.ekapija.com/en/people/3016030/mia-zecevic-generalna-direktorka-kompanije-novaston-ne-odustajemo-od-projekata-kojima-menjamo


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