NOVASTON is a friend of the SOS Children's Villages Serbia Foundation

SOS Children's Villages

Official data shows that in Serbia, more than 200,000 children live on the edge of poverty in socially endangered families, and more than 6,000 of them are without parental care. The NOVASTON platform, as a responsible company that supports humanitarian work, this fall has joined the Club of Friends of the SOS Children's Villages Serbia Foundation.

"All four of our companies (NAM, NFM, NPM, and NMC) will support activities and projects of the SOS Children's Villages Foundation aimed at helping the youngest to have happier lives and a better future," said Mia Zečević, CEO of the Novaston platform.

The SOS Children's Villages Serbia Foundation has been caring for children and young people without parental care since 2004, working to improve the living conditions of children in socially disadvantaged families who are at risk of losing their biological children, and helping young people through training, mentoring and assistance in employment.

Dečije selo"In the Children's Village Kraljevo, together with the Youth Community and the Semi-Independent Life Program, we provide children and young people without parents or appropriate parental care with the love, home, and support they need for a happy childhood and unconstrained personal development until they become independent. We all work together - our SOS moms and aunts, the village repairman, the psychologist, and the professional team, but also our current and future friends like Novaston, without whose help we would not have succeeded. At the moment, there are about 95 children and young people in the SOS Children's Village Kraljevo. ", says Sunčica Matić from the Department for Fundraising and Communication of the SOS Children's Village Serbia.

In addition to this most important project, in the past six years, the SOS Children's Villages Serbia Foundation has helped nearly 1,800 children to stay with their families in Niš, Obrenovac, and Belgrade through a program to strengthen families that are at risk of losing their children. That way, more than 700 families, through direct and individual work, received support in the development of parenting skills, economic empowerment, and integration into the community. There is also a program of economic empowerment of young people who grew up in homes, foster families, and socially disadvantaged families. Since 2016 more than 360 of them have been using the services of the "Strong Youth" center in Belgrade.

You can find more about their humane work on the website:


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