The importance of the conflict of interest

The importance of the conflict of interest

Mia Zečević, CEO at Novaston, along with the members of the business planning sector, Mladen Mladenović and Stefan Brnjada, participated at the RICS workshop "Conflict of Interest", held on April 18th, in Radison Blu Hotel, Belgrade. What makes the professionals ethical, what is the conflict of interest, what kind of conflicts we are able to identify as well as the question of whether we can be behave ethically, are the topics that the participants dealt with together with the organizer Marta Pataki.

Stefan Brnjada"The workshop was very interactive. All present, professionals from the field of management, acquisition and valuation, went through specific examples and topics important for all areas of business." - said Stefan Brnjada, an Associate at Novaston Asset Management.

Mladen Mladenović"The reason we are interested in COI (conflict of interest) is to solve the problem while providing consulting services in several disciplines, as well as working with many competitive clients and tenants." - added Mladen Mladenović, Senior Associate at Novaston Asset Management.

The importance of the conflict of interestAt the end of the workshop, all participants agreed that professionals in the retail industry need to constantly learn, improve and motivate themselves, in order to be aware of conflicts of interest and to know how to avoid it.

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